Published: 19th March 2012
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Signature is considered as an exceptional style of writing one’s own name. It is a Polaroid of one’s personality and divulges a lot about one’s character and overall outlook in life. Your signature also shows an image that what you are willing to show to the outer world.

It exposes about your nature and personality based on the way you write your letters like small or large, dark or light, bent or angled. Personality traits like morality, communiqué abilities, creativity, sensitive stability etc. can easily be determined just by examining a signature. Other characters like social skills, outward-bound nature, confidence level and goal setting aptitudes can be recognized by analysing the letters used while signing. So, the way you sign your name signifies your personality traits extremely.


• Size of the signature, it means how big or small you sign.

• Inclination in the signature it means “do you write straight or slanting?”

• How do you use your first name and the last name?

• Do you underline the signature?

• What is the size of the first letter of your signature?

• How many circles or backward strokes in your signature?

• Do you use dots in your signature?


A simple form of an underline shows self confidence in ahumble manner. It reveals that you areindependent and believe in rules and traditions thoughtlessly. The more protuberant and stylish the underline, additional attention you want to seek. You want to get noticed everywhere and on the other handyou may do anything to become the centre of attraction. You mayspoil into violence or any kind of eye-catching behaviour if felt unnoticed. If you make zigzag line under the signature it revealsdoubt in your behaviour. The rightward path of the zigzag underline means self-containment and the leftward path shows hesitation. If the zigzag is long, you may be hesitant of your ability to be self-sufficient and independent.


An I - Dot in a signature is enough to reveal a lot about your personality. A creative i-dot shows that you love to stand out in the crowd and look a bit different from everyone around. A small, straight line used as an i-dot reveals your agitated behaviour and you always seem to be in a hurry. If you completely ignore to dot the i –dot, it shows that you do not care to particulars and finds it very difficult to follow minute details. A long and continuous i-dot reveals that you are creative and intelligent. An I - dot placed much higher and far from i reveals that you are ambitious in nature.

Though, if yoursignature is completely different from your usual handwriting, then it shows that you do not desire to disclose everything about your-self. You want to hide some features of your personality and consequently you create a new “identity” by creating the signature with a totally different look.


The size of the signature shows your wish to be observed or want to beignored. The size of the signature is strong-minded in comparison to the handwriting. A large sized signature shows that youdesire to be perceived and you are very audacious and self-assured. If your signature is medium sized it shows your desire to just fit in. Your small sized signature shows less of a desire or extremely no desire to be noticed. Thus you like to live a private life without much intrusion of anyone.

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