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Published: 28th March 2012
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According to well renowned palmists when a child is in the womb of her mother, then the lines of palms are formed. It is said that, these lines continuously change throughout his life till death. These lines are known as the palm lines. Generally the palm line has a development period and changes up to 16 years of age from the birth of a child. It is believed that it form the future of a child.

It is believed that the main lines on the palm are life and wealth line. These lines stop changing at the age of sixteen years but other lines keeps on changing throughout life according to your Karma.

According to common believe Science is based on carrying out tests as well as Palmistry stands on the belief that your palm line imitates your Karma and understandings in life. The other most important things that are taken in to contemplation are the shape of palm and whether the palm is soft or hard and also the size and thickness.

Palmistry believes that the right palm is made for males and the left palm is made for females. If a man is left handed then his left palm is arbitrated. A palm is considered to be good when there are few lines in it. A palm has four major lines in it. Here in this article we will see about the major palm lines and what they say about the person. These major lines are:

The life line is considered as the main palm line and it starts from above the heart line and ends on the Mani Bandh line. This line goes parallel to the fate line. But sometimes it is seen in some cases that the life line crosses the heart line to join a point located in the fate line. A perfect life line is not interconnected by another line. In this way the life line may remain longer and continuous which can be an assurance to a long and happy life. While a smaller and cut away life line in a palm shows battle and short life duration of the native.

The straight line, which emerges from the middle of the heart line and ends on the Mani Bandh line, is called the luck line. A clear image of the fate line in a palm means that the person has a brilliant luck. If the fate line is not crossed by any other line it shows that the person will have a smooth life. If the line is crossed by a palm line at a point, the person may have a problem at that point of his age. Few people only have one line out of the fate line and life line. They are either losers or born with an excellent wealth. They simply donít belong to the middle importance.

The heart line is considered as the vertical line which starts from the mid palm and ends on the other side of the palm. A person is said to be very lavish if his heart line is twisted or straight towards its usual direction and if the heart line goes on uncertain it means that he may face sadness. And unfortunately if the heart line is broken there is a chance of heart attack.

It is said that the line which moves parallel to the heart line and keeps the mounts to one side is called the brain line or the mind line. It is not necessary for the brain line to move across the palm as sometimes it is seen that the mind line is bent towards a planet mount.

According to the general rules of Palmistry it very good if the brain line and the heart line do not merge with each other. But in few palms it is seen that the mind line is divided in to two parts which shows that the person may have an unpredictable mind. They live in an imaginary world and do not want to live in originality.

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