Published: 21st February 2012
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It is said that love doesn’t see position or age of a person it just happens. If you are also in love and want to know the strength and authenticity of your love, your kundali can satisfy your questions related to love.

According to Vedic Astrology, fifth house of the horary kundli is considered to check the love life of men and women. But planet senses for love are different in men and women. For a man, to know the position of love in his life, the 5th house and the lord of the 5th house are checked. In the case of a man, the Moon and Venus are considered.If a woman wants to know about her love life then along with the 5th house and lord of the Ascendant of the 5th house, the Jupiter is also viewed along with Moon.

Love strengthens and brings contentment with the presence of auspicious relationships, aspects and combination of above stated house, ascendant or lord of the ascendant and responsible planets in one’s horoscope.On the other hand if the combination has debilitated planets and the combination with the ascendant or lord of the ascendant is not very harmonious then love life may be hurt or may be unproductive.

If there is high Mars along with auspicious situations of Moon, Jupiter and Venus, then the native may have a successful love life and marry the person of his or her own choice. Unfavourableplanetary position in the horoscopeobstructs the love status and the native may not be able to marry the desired person.

Astrology reflects the placement of Sun, Saturn and Rahu in the native’s horoscope behind the failure of a relationship. If the 5th house, lord of the 5th house, and the combination of Moon, Jupiter and Venus are inspected by the Sun, Saturn or Rahu then it is an indication of negative result. Astrologers suggest that Saturn is very harmful in respect of love. Love is a delicate matter as it is related with heart and feelings. Predictions should be done carefully and after calculating all conditions to give accurate results.


Desires are the result of your longings for knowing things. Basically desire is as memorable as the soul is; it never dies but changes its form. It means a new desire is born when one desire is satisfied. All we have limited physical asset and unlimited desires, as a result we sometimes, destroy our desires. When this suppressed desire becomes irresistible and sometimes life becomes hell. Then you should consult an expert astrologer who guides you in satisfying the desires.

According to Vedic Astrology, your birth chart shows both the fulfilled and un-fulfilled desires of your life. The horary kundli can play anessential role in revealing whether your desire will bear fruit or thorn for you.

• Astrology says that the eleventh house of a horary kundligoverns the desires of the native and considers Jupiter as the planet that fulfils the desires.According to astrological rules the eleventh house, the lord of the eleventh house or if Jupiter exist in the horary kundli of a person in an auspicious position then his desires get fulfilled. To get benefits out of the fulfilled desires the ascendant should be auspicious too.

• A person’s desire is reached in harmony with the planet situated in the eleventh house of his birth chart. If we discuss the role of other planets in this house, location of Sun suggests achievement of his desires related to government sector.

• A person’s desires related to the society is fulfilled by Moon’s position in the eleventh house of his birth chart.

• A person’s unseen wish of receiving honour or position from the society is fulfilled if Mars is in the eleventh house of his birth chart.

• Position of Mercury in the eleventh house of a birth chartshows that a person’s desires will be fulfilled within a very short time and he will get full assistance from his friends.

• If you have a desire to get benefit from your wife’s side then presence of Venus in the eleventh house of your horoscope is essential. If Venus is properly placed, women officials will help you in all walks of life.

• Saturn in the eleventh house of your birth chart mayfulfil your desires but you will have to work hard to achieve them. If you have any desires related to the political sphere, existence of Rahu in the eleventh house of your birth chart is necessary. Location of Ketu in the eleventh house achieves spiritual desires.

According to astrology, inauspicious planets also provide good results in the eleventh house of a person’s kundli along with auspicious planets.Aspect on the eleventh house by planets also brings auspicious results. It is said that, aspects of Jupiter and Moon on this house offersinstant and positive results to a person. The eleventh house creates problems in fulfilling desires of a person when the sign of the house is weakened or a planet is incapacitated in the same house.

All in all we can say that it is not necessary that we born along with all auspicious and good results giving planets in our kundali. It is not in our hand but we can do some efforts to improve the bad effects caused by the wrong placements of inauspicious planets and nakshatrain our horoscope. You can consult an expert Vedic Astrologer so that he can minimise the bad effects caused by your kundali. He can also suggest you the remedies to overcome the bad effects of your kundali. So have faith in astrology and make your life more happy and satisfied.

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