Published: 18th November 2011
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People often ask me ‘How does astrology define a person’s personality. I believe that Vedic astrology has a set of systems, traditions and beliefs that provide relative information about a person’s personality, human affairs and other matters of the earth. Astrologers believe that the movements and positions of the moon, stars and other heavenly bodies hold a great deal of information about an individual’s personality traits based on when they were born. An accurate observation can only be made when you take all factors into consideration including the year the individual was born, the date they were born, and the actual position of the stars, moon and other heavenly bodies at the time of the birth. It is also important to look at the entire astrological chart when attempting to determine how a person’s personality fits in with their astrological sign. The "personality" is the classic and quintessential pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviours that make a person distinctive. When we say that someone has a "good personality" we mean that he is admirable, interesting and pleasant to be with. Everyone wants to be attractive to other. In fact, approximately 80 per cent of your success and happiness will be a result of how well you interact with others. Ultimately, it is your personality that determines whether people are attracted towards you, or shy away from you. While we can only improve our looks to some extent, we have the ability to improve our personality as much as we want. So first of all you will have to develop some traits in you.
Be a better listener.
It is equally important to listen to what others are saying. If you will do so then even you will receive the same treatment.
Read more and show your interests.
When you meet new people it gives you the opportunity to share what you know and to exchange your views with them.
Be a good orator.
No one can read or know everything, so it is really reviving to learn different things from others.
Have your own opinion.
Meet New and different People.
Coping with other people not only falls flat, but reveals a lack of authenticity. So just be yourself. Whatever you are, be confident.
There is nothing more tiresome than trying to talk to someone who has no opinion on anything. If, however, you have an unconventional point of view, you are more interesting and stimulating to be with socially. A unique outlook expands everyone's perspective.
Passing a quality time with your friends can help you to enhance your knowledge about different cultures and traditions.
Have a positive outlook and attitude.
Who wants to be around people, who are negative, complaining a lot, or have nothing good to say? Instead, be the kind of upbeat person who lights up a smile warmly, spread good cheer, and enliven others with your presence.
Be supportive of others.
Being supportive is probably the most endearing quality you can integrate into your personality. We all love a cheerleader in our corner; someone who is encouraging believes in us and helps pick us up when we're down.
Have integrity and treat people with respect.
We humans have the power and ability to shape our personalities however we wish. When we develop ourselves to be all that we can be, we contribute to our own, as well as the happiness of others.
Often a person having all these traits cannot get desirable things. He almost becomes a failure in all walk of his life. Astrology says that it happens because the stars and some planetary movements are not accurately working as they should be. So let go back to basic and try to understand how planets affect us and how we can solve our problem also with the help of astrology. We are part of this great Universe and any movement in the Universe affect the living organism on the earth. The immense gravitational forces of planets affect the extreme sensitive brain of human-being and form a thought- process. This thought-process forces him to respond in a particular pattern of actions and behaviour. Every action in our lives is the result of our thought. Thus good deeds and bad deeds are formed and a chain reaction begins. Thus past deed - Karma- are responsible for our present agonies, the effect of same can be minimized substantially if proper and special efforts in the form of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Gems, Charity and Pooja are made. So take the help of Vedic Astrology. It has capability to solve your problem to a great extent.

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