Published: 18th November 2011
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Vedic astrology exposes the fixed fortune of the human beings. It gives the remedies of your long time pending problems. Astrology is able to decrease the implication of negative effect that affects your life. Are you planning to buy a new home and looking for the right date to make a good decision? The astrological timing of that event can insure your peace, stability and happiness for your future. Astrology studies the combination of planetary energies at the time of your birth, points out strengths, potentials and even your weaknesses, giving you the reasons behind them as well as the guidance to understand and overcome issues in order to make the most of your decisions. This information can show how you respond to the ever-changing energies around you as your life progresses and help you in decision-making. Astrology can help you to make wise choices that will not only enable you to acquire what you need, but it will give you the options to be satisfied in your decision. We all know how much better we feel when we are doing what suits us rather than something that doesn’t fit us. Astrology can help you find the best fit for your dream home which leads to your peace and happiness.

Desire is the treasure map. Knowledge is the treasure chest. Wisdom is the jewel. Yet without action they all stay buried. Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Sometimes we are trapped between the right and wrong. We desperately need a guide at that time. What can be a better guide than astrology, which not only helps us to take the correct decisions but also helps us to differ between the right and the wrong? Now days as our lifestyles have changed, the number of options has increased. Money is an essential part of everyday life, people work hard to earn money through which they can satisfy their many desires like to buy a well-furnished house with modern technologies.

House is a place where we want to find solace after a stressed day. It is a place that provides shelter for our family from extreme weather, provides rest, talk, shout, cook, wish, use bathroom, watch television, listen music without anyone’s interference. A place where we can keep lights on when we need. House is a must for everyone. Even a bird likes to rest in her own nest. House provides happiness, peace and comfort to everybody. Making a house for yourself is a like a dream come true. A great stress has been laid on the ownership. An old saying says ‘Oh God, please give me a beautiful house, so that I can convert it into a great place for worship, peace and above all for happiness’. Home is a place where family fidelity, worship of God and peace of mind live together, all to be used for the glory and service of Divine.

In our horoscope the 4th house ‘Sukhsthan’ defines the house, property, mother, and peace. Vedic Astrology after analysing your birth chart and concerned divisional charts, weakness and strengths of planets and house give the authentic and accurate solution of your query. Many questions arise in our mind like whether it will be a good decision or a bad decision? Sometimes after purchasing a home you suffer a lot of problems like debt, loan. Sometimes even people around us prove to be big problems. Then a thought arises that what disaster you have got for your life. Many other queries which you might encounter when you rush to buy a home are -

• Will you get parental property?
• When will I be able to purchase a new house?
• Will my new property be auspicious or God forbid unsuspicious?
• Will I get home loan?
• How can I get peace and harmony in my new home?
• Will it be a flat or on the land?
• Where and in which city will it be?
• Which direction will suit me and my family for the entrance?
• What will be the remedies for the weak planetary movements and dasha which is stopping my way to purchase a home?

So are waiting for your 'Dream House'? Wait no more! Seek the help of Vedic Astrology. Personalised, tailor-made solutions and practical remedies to ease out property related disputes, hassles or hurdles. So let us go back to the basic issue and try to understand how planets affect us and how we can solve our problems with the help of astrology. We are a part of this great Universe and any movement in the Universe affects the living organisms on the earth. The immense gravitational forces of planets affect the extreme sensitive brain of human-being and form a thought - process. This thought-process forces it to respond in a particular pattern of actions and behaviour. Every action in our lives is the result of our thought. Thus good deeds and bad deeds are formed and a chain reaction begins. Thus past deed - Karma- are responsible for our present agonies, the effect of same can be minimized substantially if proper and special efforts in the form of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Gems, Charity and Pooja are made. So come to me and enjoy the benefits of Vedic Astrology, have faith it will definitely give the best remedy for your dream project. It will not let you down.

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