Moon Astrology: How it affects your Health

Published: 16th May 2011
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Indian ancient Ayurvedic system illustrates that every disease initially affects the mind of a person then it takes over whole body. Astrology regards the Moon as the signifactor for mind; therefore Moon has a great influence on human being health.

Moon astrology depicts that Moon rules our mind, emotion and mood. It acts like a mediator that connects our outer world to inner world. Moon in our horoscope can affect us several ways like it can make us impulsive, joyful, caring, proud, disciplined, passionate, dominant or complicated.

If Moon is strong in horoscope then native can feel positive effects of it. But weak and afflicted Moon can have negative effects in native’s life. Weak and afflicted Moon can cause several diseases like lungs problem, blood related diseases, breathing problem, stomach or heat related disease.

Let us examine the effects of Moon in your Health

Moon in Aries – Moon in Aries can make the native impulsive and emotional. Native can have an average health. Afflicted Moon may cause diseases as breathing problem, blood related ailments. Native should avoid those activities that can cause lungs problems.

Moon in Taurus – Strong Moon in Taurus gives native good health and energy but when Moon is afflicted in Taurus, native may suffer problems in eyes and throat and could also suffer disease like tonsils.

Moon in Gemini – In case Moon is strong in horoscope, native would be healthy but weak Moon may cause several illnesses to native like lungs and breathing problems. Native having afflicted Moon must take care about his/her health.

Moon in Cancer - Cancer is ruled by Moon, therefore it provides good health to native but its ill effects can cause diseases like chest pain, stomach and blood related problems.

Moon in Leo - Native is healthy if Moon is strong in horoscope. If it is afflicted then native may have to suffer from heart and blood related diseases.

Moon in Virgo – Positive Moon could give native a strong body with good resistance power against diseases. But afflicted Moon can cause problems as skin disease, stomach disease and weak digestion.

Moon in Libra – When Moon is afflicted then native suffers from kidney, blood related problems, headache, stomach disease and back problem. Intensive care for health is required for native.

Moon in Scorpio - Native having Scorpio sign must be very conscious for his/her health. If Moon afflicted then native may falls sickness or fever frequently. He may suffer from urinary diseases.

Moon in Sagittarius – If moon is benefic then native can have a strong build but if Moon is weak in horoscope then native may have to suffer from liver and nerve ailments.

Moon in Capricorn - Native having Capricorn as zodiac sign can have little resistance to diseases so they are vulnerable for health related problem. Native may suffer from constipation and urticaria.

Moon in Aquarius- Good effects of Moon can give native strong resistance power and good health. But if Moon is afflicted then native may complaint for eyes diseases, feel nervousness frequently. He or she may suffer from anemia and weakness.

Moon in Pisces – Pisces native are also very vulnerable to disease when Moon is afflicted. Native may have to suffer from blood related ailments and several other infectious disease.

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