Published: 21st November 2011
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Charity is opening your heart and giving a hand to someone in need. Charity doesn't necessarily have to be something materialistic. Sometimes just being there can have much greater value than money or worldly goods. Charity which comes from within the heart shows that you care and have compassion for the people around you.

According to Vedic astrology Daan is very important to get rid from the malefic effect of non-favourable planets. It has been mentioned that an affected person should make donation of those things only which are represented by trouble giving planets. The idea behind the concept of Daan lies in scarifying of the things represented by trouble giving malefic planets so that the vicious effect of the planets can drive away. What things should be given in Daan is assessed on the basis of planetary condition in the horoscope. Native should refrain from making donation of those things which are represented by benefice planets. So before doing Daan, necessarily native should contact a competent astrologer to get his horoscope checked.

If you want spiritual benefits, probably Thursday is the best day to donate. If you want to grow in power and status, Sunday is the best day to give money or articles away. If you want more love, and physical enjoyment and creativity, most likely Friday is the best day. The Vedic tradition also suggests the kind of people and animals who are the ideal recipient of your charity. This maximizes the effects of your charitable giving. Planetary charity is an alternative to astrological talismans in working with the energy, or more precisely, the spirits of the planets. When planets are afflicted in our natal or birth chart we need to be cautious about using their talismans. Planetary charity comes from the Vedic astrology of India and is a natural expression of the view of the planets as spirits or gods. By doing charity and dedicating it to a planet, we can work with the energy of the planet and help diminish its negative effects on us. Of course, planetary charity is not just for planets that are afflicted in our natal chart, it can be used as good effects with all planets in our life.

Sometimes you have to face a lot of unwanted problems in your life. Due to different reasons you are bound to come across loneliness, rootlessness and meaninglessness of life and you are forcefully disposed to depression. These problems may be related to your job, family, business, health, children, and untimely death of someone and accidents which could be fatal. Generally you curse yourself, your luck and related people. Have you ever tried to find out the root cause of your problem? It is possible, in your past life you had promised to offer some pooja and charity to your related planets and later on you forgot to fulfil that. Consequently now you are facing these problems in life. So if you have promised to offer some charity to your planets, do not forget to fulfil them. It may be a result of many unwanted problems in your life.

In doing planetary charity we make charities according to the nature of the planet we wish to conciliate, making the donation on the planetary day and hour ruled by the planet. We make the donation to a person, organization or thing ruled by the planet and ideally the donation itself is an item ruled by the planet, however, it is more practical to make a monetary donation. We start by invoking the planet and making a vow to make a set number of donations, at the appropriate time. It is very important that all of the activities done as planetary charity should be done respectfully. Most importantly, do not fail to carry out the complete number of donations you have promised to the planet. Breaking your vow will have much worse consequences than never making the vow in the first place.

Do not be afraid of failures in your life. If you have failed in spite of working hard, then do not worry, work hard again and fulfil the promises which you have made. Eventually you shall pass the coming time with flying colours in the exam of life. Have faith in God, astrology and of course in yourself. Vedic astrology works miracles when done with faith. It has all power and full of energy in the form of soothing light. We must please God and our ruling planets by charity or daan, only then we can attain peace, happiness, glory and success in our life.

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