Published: 17th November 2011
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‘How far does a candle throw its beams? So shines a good deed in a naughty world.’ (Shakespeare)

All of us exist in various planes of consciousness. We carry the conditionings of our past as well as other lives without having clarity about it. Sometimes we cannot figure out the consciousness, but it is true that invariably we are the victims of our conditionings. Hence, it is important to touch the base with our own consciousness; our real self. We are one family and one consciousness. We will never be separate from one another.

We all are human beings. All the circumstances are not in our hand. Deliberately or undeliberately we are bound to do some good or bad deeds. It is not certain that all deeds go in our favour. We suffer losses. No single person is in the control of everything. There is no sense of blaming any one person when something goes wrong or entertains feelings of guilt. What is there to be afraid of? All experiences are lessons. We can’t change the past. So, there is little less to do than express unconditional love and compassion.

A person with a guilty conscience can never dwell with peace. He is always fearful of dire consequences that he will have to face due to evil deeds. A criminal is always fearful of getting exposed before the public. A person who has killed someone to acquire something is fearful of getting caught by the police one day. A son who has stolen his father’s purse is scared of his father’s angry outburst for his wrong doing.

Now l want to tell you that anyone who has done something wrong has a guilty conscience and a guilty conscience is always suspicious. A person with a guilty conscience is scared of the punishments he has to face, thus his entire personality undergoes a dramatic change. He does not remain confident or fearless anymore. He becomes timid and fearful. He becomes scared of the society. He tries to avoid the company of people and remain in the company of anti-social elements of the society. I suggest you to forget the past and live for the future. If you can’t tell anybody about your past, I will listen to you and give you something for your betterment.

See the monsoon is here once again, bringing with it the welcoming rain. What else one can pray for the renewal and rejuvenation? Its times to sow seeds of hope for better tomorrow. It’s also an opportune time to renew our social contact by cleansing our conscience and spreading hope. And it’s good time to have a faith upon you as well as on me. Faith is an important tool in life.

Consciously or unconsciously we are living every movement with the help of faith. For instance, the movement you are perhaps seated on a chair, you have faith it won’t break. Or if you are seated beneath a tree, you have faith that the tree will not fall on you. If you had any doubt you would not sit on that tree or under the tree. So have faith on the correct one.

Faith is there; even if you are not aware of its presence, but wrong or blind faith sometimes becomes an obstacle to progress on your path. Hence take care not to let your faith become a rigid one. First have faith on yourself, with whatever identity you are living, and then keep faith in me as well. If you have no faith on yourself, faith in the Divine alone will not work.

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