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Published: 12th April 2011
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“Ignorance is the curse of God and Education is the wing where with we fly to heaven". This is the very famous quote given by great Indian poet and scholar Rabindranath Tagore. Education is not merely related to gaining knowledge or skills but it has become a stepping stone to boost career and get success in life. Today parents are worried as their children are not taking interest in education or not doing well at studies. They pressurize them but not getting the desire result as they completely unaware about their children educational aptitude.

Education astrology deals with all education related problems and helps parents to understand the education aptitude of their children so that they could know the right area of education where their children can do better and gain more knowledge with comfort.

Let us find out how education astrology can help us to know educational aptitude and attain well education.

The Fourth house in horoscope represents the house of education and completely dedicated to general education. Second and fifth house in horoscope are also very vital to decide right stream and interest of native for education. The Lord of the Forth house and the lords of the second and the fifth house and their occupants, Jupiter and Mercury all play an imperative role for examining and judging education attainments of native.

What kind of education you are expected to obtain can be observed from the inherent nature of the planets associated with the house of education i.e. Forth house. If forth house is occupied by its lord or associated with a benefic or mercury is the strongest planet in house of education, then native can be an excellent learner and can attain fame to be a great scholar. If forth house lord inhabits a malefic house or is associated with malefic house then native can be weak in studies and can not get much education.

Second house of native in horoscope is studied for judging the level of education, he or she can acquire. Second house also indicates the development and expansion of education. Fifth house represents native’s intelligence and if Mercury is in the fifth house, it indicates that native is very intelligence and has great metal strength.

The forth, fifth and ninth house are taken to examine the education opportunities and academic achievements of native. The Dasa and Bhukti Lords show the quality and domain of education. The Lords of the ninth house indicates the better opportunity and option to study further. The second, third, ninth and tenth house help to know which subject should be chosen for achieving success in study.

Apart from houses, different planets also reveal educational aptitude of native for different subjects and area of education. If Venus stays in the forth house then native can be a good musician. If Mercury dwells in the forth or fifth house or Sun occupies the fifth house then native can earn name and fame in astrology. Dwelling of Sun and Mercury in the second house aspected by Saturn can make one a scholar at mathematics. Strength of Mars shows success in engineering, chemistry and surgery.

Sun, Mercury and Mars in the second house make native strong in logic and philosophical ability is increased when Jupiter is associated with Lord of the fourth house. If Mercury is strong in horoscope then native do well in statistics, mathematics, commerce, teaching and linguistics. Strong position of Venus in horoscope makes the native expert in fine arts and architecture. Strong Jupiter shows expertise of native in philosophy, religion, education, medicine, teaching and law.

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