Published: 23rd November 2011
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In every business there are many risks and uncertainties. A good businessman is the one who analyses future risks/uncertainties/changes and make necessary changes them for suitability of his business. This is where Vedic astrology comes into role, which helps you to make right decisions. Business Astrology (Horoscope) assists you to forecasts success or failure of a zbusiness venture and ensures you get the maximum profit out of your business. Due to uncertainties in business, knowing future by astrological predictions regarding best time to start new business, competitions, losses, expenses, involvement of amount of work, cooperation & selection of employees and many more, is always better.

Indian astrology analyses your problems and provides solutions for following:

• Suitability of Job or Business.

• Employee selection. Getting right employees for the job for any sector

• Whether to start new business, when, where and suitability?

• To start a business in partnership and selecting right business partner.

• Expenditures are good to purchase land, buildings, and infrastructure etc

• Should I take any mortgage or debt?

• When you will get rid of debts or mortgage?

• Continue business or give up?

• Will new partnership venture be profitable for you?

• What will be the magnitude of success in business?

• What is the likelihood of making more money this year?

• When is the best time to find new clients, expand operations, or seek venture capital money?

• When will an advertising campaign be most effective?

• How do I plan for economic downturns?

• How can you anticipate what employee problems may arise?

• What are the obstacles preventing growth and how can you overcome them?

• Who is likely to help you? People: Employees, Partners, Customers. When it comes to dealing with people, their birthdays can tell you what their resumes don't.

• How to hire the best employees, improve morale, and reduce turnover.

• How to predict the success of potential partnerships.

• How to best gain trust of particular customers.

• How You Influence Your Business

• How You Influence Your Business

Business has always being one of the central forces in the lifespan of human civilization. From the ancient times, it always has impacts on human lives and even on the growth of the nations and races. In the modern times, after the money took the central place in human life, importance of business has increased to a great extent and it has become increasingly complex and competitive. So the success in this sphere of life has become desired but difficult. Your astrological chart represents a picture of your life potential. Knowing that picture helps you understand how you create, and why you react to, circumstances the way you do. It helps you plan for the future with the knowledge of how coming cycles will affect you – in your business and in your personal life.

Astrology can improve your Bottom Line? Changes in the economy mean problems for some and prosperity for others. An astrological consultation specifically designed for your business gives you a competitive edge because you know what's coming ahead of time. This allows you to prepare for it—whether that means recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities or avoiding pitfalls.

Businesses have charts, just as people have. A business astrology consultation is based upon the time you started your business. This may be the date you opened your business, the incorporation date, or both. The business astrology chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of the business; and by using astrological cycles, it forecasts what you can expect to happen in the future. For small businesses and sole proprietors, we combine looking at the business' astrology chart with the astrology chart of the owner. For medium size and larger businesses, we would also consider the astrological charts of key personnel who are in decision-making roles. For new businesses, we would actually choose the date and time you incorporate or open your business to coincide with the best astrological timing for your success.

Vedic Astrology At the time of birth of an individual, the situation of the planets governs his education, livelihood, family, business (loss or profit), his fame, pride, dignity and his vicissitudes & many other factors responsible for sustainability of a human being. Ever since centuries, man had believed in some invisible, supernatural, omnipresent force for his own existence but has not concluded to a strong viewpoint to rely upon. At times it is possible to decode the behaviour of the human beings, through the problems encountered by the man and impact of these problems in the future. This planetary impact can be well understood controlled through (mantra, gems, medican, daan, snnan) theory. Like this, it can analyse all the planets, signs, and houses in any chart -- to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any individual, in all areas of life. Fortunately, with Vedic astrology, it can also use some remedial measures to strengthen the weak or afflicted benefit planets in a chart, in order to promote progress in life. And, it can take measures to reduce the afflictions and obstructions caused by the malefic planets both in the chart and by daily transit.

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