Published: 14th March 2012
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The houses in the horoscope are like a jewellery box which is divided in to 12 parts.Thus we can say that there are 12 houses in all and each one represents a field of knowledge. The planets in houses speak usvigour which is expressed in that department of life.

BhagyaSamhita says that the houses themselves are established by the exact time of birth, with the 'front door' to the chart being the Ascendant which is the cusp of the first house. The houses are numbered from one to twelve. The first house begins at the Ascendant on the Eastern horizon. The houses are numbered in a counter clockwise movement.

• The First House of the horoscope represents you, your identity, your spirit and your physical body; it means how do you look and what is your identity.

• The Second House of the horoscope describes the values that you hold, comprising your individual sense of self-confidence, aptitudes, and capacity to endure.

• The Third House represents your mind; it's the natural house of Gemini so it relates to your ideas, intelligent, and communications.

• The Fourth House represents your emotional needs. It refers to the past, childhood patterns, family, and physical home.

• The Fifth House is the house of innovation, love, and children. It shows how you express yourself.

• The Sixth House shows duties and promises that you will make. It also rules health issues.

• The Seventh House is all about important relationships and marriage.

• The Eighth House is about empathetic, attachment, trust, and attitudes toward sex and prohibitions.

• The Ninth House represents your faith and beliefs on a more logical level. It also affects to higher education, legitimate, and religious systems.

• The Tenth House is all about what you want to achieve in this life.We often simply call it the career.

• The Eleventh House is about your goals. It is where you can find more objective friends and contacts.

• The Twelfth House is about your inner link with the planetary lies within you. It is the house of dreams. It also represents prisons andinsulated places.


The aspects in the horoscope are formed by the mathematical angle between two planets in the chart. There are many features but the main ones are the Ptolemy aspects: the combination, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. Each aspect has an energy which can represent an open door for easy expression of the planets or a narrow passage that inhibits expression. The conjunction is when two or more planets in the chart are close together, sitting side by side. This aspect merges the energies of those two planets and offers the gift of new beginnings, power, and energy to shove forward.

The sextile is formed when planets are at a 60 degree angle to each other. This phase brings a very privileged energy with it, because it creates opportunities to produce something, take a new street, to act on a new creative effort.

The Square is produced when planets are at 90 degrees to each other. Just think of walking around a square. It's not as easy as walking around a circle or a sharp angle. Your view is marginal rather than face-to-face. So, planets in square create stiffness, often stress and difficulties to expression.

The Trine is another easy aspect created by an angle of 120 degrees between planets. This offers the greatest ease of appearance, harmony in action, and takes little effort to complete the task. Sometimes, though, it can create idleness and chances of success can be missed. The disapproval is an angle of 180 degrees. With it, the ability to see directly in front of you is offered. This creates wakefulness to see what needs to be reworked with teamwork and give and take.

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