Astrological ways to find out right profession

Published: 17th May 2011
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We are sometimes confused in our life for choosing a good profession that can set our career, life and future. This is very important for us to select right and suitable profession so that we can make our life more comfortable and successful. Choosing a right profession can be easy if we know our strength, skills and interest but sometimes we could not analyze our traits correctly and choose wrong profession which ultimately resulted in failure. Therefore, it is very imperative for us to know the right way to find out best and the most successful profession for us.

Vedic astrology is a most significant tool that tells you which job and occupation can boost your career up. It has several methodologies and principles to determine the best profession and source of income of native. Your horoscope also plays a significant role to know the nature of profession that most suited to you. Let us observe the most important astrological ways to find out right profession.

If you see in your horoscope that the lord of Navamsa is sun then the best occupations for you is trading in medicines. You can also get name and fame in trading of gold or wool. Medical and nursing could also be good for you.

If Moon is the tenth lord of Navamsa then you can make a huge profit or money by dealing in agricultural products, products made for women, trading in pearls and shells.

If Mars is the lord of Namasa then there is good opportunity for choosing occupation in minerals, ores and various engineering products.

If Mercury is the lord then you can boost up your career to be a poet, mathematician, painter, sculptor and writer. Job like scent maker could also be good for you.

If Jupiter is the lord of Navamsa then education institution or teaching can be your successful career. You can also get success if you choose your occupation as a manufactures or priests.

When Venus is the lord then there are ample opportunities for you to be a gemologist. Dealing in gems or metals could help you to earn lots of money and profit. Jobs related to traveling could be your successful occupation if Saturn is the lord of Navamsa.

When tenth house form karkamsha lagna is aspected by the planet Jupiter and sun, the products related to milk can increase you reputation and wealth.

You can be a successful agriculturist if two malefic in the sixth house from Karkamsha lagna. But If Sun and Venus aspect the karkamsha, you could get powerful position in government service.

If Saturn is in the karkamsha lagna then all famous occupation like doctor, engineer, and designer can be a good choice for you.

If second lord is in the seventh house then your interest would be in medical and you can be a prominent doctor.

If Sun is the benefic in your horoscope then Government and profession relating to medicine should be right occupation that you must choose.

If Moon is the benefic then profession related to public relations must be the ideal for you.

If Jupiter is the benefic then your successful areas are education, consultants, legal and law related job.

There are several other important astrological factors that help us to determining the nature of profession. If you want to know your right profession that you should adopt then the above methods will certainly help you. You can also consult to expert astrologer for accurately analyze your profession.

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